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Our speciality  is luxury, seasonal, locally foraged fruit jelly.

Purely Clear Preserves is an award winning business.  We currently have just 3 stockists in Hertfordshire but would be interested in hearing from independent delicatessens or cafes.  


2* Great Taste Award winning jelly

Seasonal colours and flavours
Seasonal colours and flavours
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A business built on sustainable principles


















Our business is built on sustainable principles using surplus fruit and teaching others to make delicious preserves from fruit in their gardens.  We encourage fruit philanthropy so please let us know if you have fruit to spare in exchange for jelly. Preserves are packed in standard, sampler and wedding favour sized hexagonal jars. Labelling is unique with each flavour depicted by an ink wash image. Availability of flavours varies throughout the year and we are constantly refining our range and ingredient combinations.

Please contact us for trade prices.



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  1. Hi!
    I’ve met you on your stall at the food festival a couple of times and mentioned I have lots of currants in my Hertford garden. More than I manage to use myself! I’ve recently swopped some with Vicky at the Hertford food swop and she said she thought you may be interested, feel free to contact me if you do!

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