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  1. Hi
    I have been enjoying your jams, but have now run out!
    I have bought them before at shows, etc., but tried my local stockist, Hertford Tourist Office, but they said they hadn’t had any stock from you for some time!
    Could you tell me if you are doing any shows in Hertford in the near future, or indeed if you will be sending a supply to the tourist office, and if so, when?

    many thanks Roy

    1. Hi Roy,
      The next event that I know I will be attending is the Hertford Food Festival over the weekend of 7th/8th October when I will be in McMullen’s yard. I would guess that is much too long to wait for some more jellies!
      I have a small number of jars (Crab Apple, Rosehip, and Elderberry, Blackberry & Vanilla), ready to deliver to the Hertford Tourist Office with the Hertford Castle label. Would you be interested in these flavours or do you have your own favourites? I am looking for another local stockist for my full range as Byrons in Ware have recently closed down. In the meantime and as another option, If you are based in Hertford, perhaps I could drop some jars in to you?

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