Sadly there is no Christmas 2021 Fair

at Mill Mead School this year

You can buy directly from me or from Jo at The Secret Garden on The Avenue

Call me on 07711423099 or email

Jars are £4 each (227g/8oz)

Flavours available are:

Crab Apple
Elderberry, Blackberry & Vanilla
Fig & Blackberry
Gooseberry & Elderflower
Grape 135g
Mulled Wine 150g
Quince & Ginger
Red Onion & Sage
Rhubarb & Orange
Sloe & Apple
Spiced Crab Apple
White Currant & White Raspberry


Hertfordshire Life Nov 2014 Mists and mellow fruitfulness

Hertfordshire Life Nov 2014 Mists and mellow fruitfulness page 2



Our first Great Taste Award –

2* Elderberry, Blackberry & Vanilla Jelly

Available now!



Purely Clear Preserves – finalist in

Hertford Entrepreneur Awards 2014

HEN Award 2014
HEN Award 2014









HertfordCastle Preserves were launched for the 2013 Hertford Food andDrink Festival which took place on the 12th and 13th of October.

Hertford CastleIllustration for Hertford Castle Preserves
We’re making a special range to mark the occasion, featuring fruit picked from the castle grounds. The label was designed by the very talented Alice Turner, who also does all of the fruit illustrations for the main range.
Hertford Castle Preserves are now on sale in the Hertford Town and Tourist Information Centre and are selling well.
Jellies include:
Elderberry, Blackberry & Vanilla, Rosemary, Crab Apple, Rosehip, & Fig Jam

Hertfordshire Life October 2013
Hertfordshire Life October 2013

Purely Clear Preserves were featured in the October edition of “Hertfordshire Life”

Sharon Struckman interviewed me for Hertfordshire Life last month, and the article appears in the October edition. As well as being a writer, she’s a great photographer, and writes her own blog about food in Hertfordshire.



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